Ayahuasca is the name for an ancient mystical supstance from the Amazon region. It is a boiled tea of ​​usually two plants, with a strong cleansing and often vision-inducing effect. I work with the combination Peganum Harmala (Syrian Rue) and Jurema (Mimosa Hostilis).
Ayahuasca falls under the entheogenic category. Entheogen literally means “the God in us” and comes from the Greek language. It stands for a psychoactive substance that, when used, ensures that you can come into contact with the God within yourself. The active substance in ayahuasca is DMT, this is a bodily substance. Such psychoactive substances have been used for centuries, mostly in a spiritual or religious context.
According to Amazon traditions, Ayahuasca is a plant teacher who is connected to mother earth. It is as old as humanity. This medicine is used as a sacrament in a ritual setting at contemporary Brazilian churches such as the Santo Daime church and the Unio Vegetal.

‘We would like to offer you a loving, warm, but also safe and professional setting in which you can experience your Ayahuasca journey, you can be who you are today and you can develop into the happy, authentic person that you can be. We are happy to walk with you on your life path; it could just be the start of a beautiful change in your life ‘- Monique Verboom

Ayahuasca opens the inner senses and can bring you into contact with spiritual experiences. This allows you to receive life lessons, self-realization, visions about the future and the past of the earth, the cosmos and about yourself. But Ayahuasca not only opens you to the beautiful and spiritual realities, it also opens you to the unconscious body of pain.
The pain body, this is a part of your subconscious where all kinds of experiences with a heavy load are stored. Repressed material from the past and from the lives of your ancestors color this pain body. Experiences are stored at the deepest level of the pain body that are related to birth and death, the two gates, through which the soul travels from one life to another. Ayahuasca can bring you into contact with these deep pains, as well as other traumas from the past. Ayahuasca can bring you to these pain points and this is always from love to even heal to the DNA level.


Ayahuasca to me is a spirit for which I feel an infinite respect, a spirit that deserves deep respect. I feel enormously connected and privileged to be able to work with Ayahuasca and guide from my heart and intuition everyone who is ready to make an inner journey on his or her path. Working with ayahuasca feels like my life’s mission. A mission to raise awareness for the good.

“Before you heal someone ask him if he is willing to give up the things that make him sick in the first place,” is a text that came to me enormously. This is because everyone likes to be the best version of themselves. In my view, you are ready for an ayahuasca ceremony if you are willing to look at, embrace or give up what the things that currently preventing you from being that best version.

To begin with, an inner journey with Ayahuasca is unique for everyone and focuses on your unique cell DNA and life experiences. The Ayahuasca experience of someone else will never be your experience. It is true that everything we can experience in daily life can be experienced during an inner journey and in an increased intensity. With that, for example, love can be experienced on a much deeper level and so can emotions such as sadness, anger, disappointment or for example happiness.
Everything you receive during a ceremony depends on a deep level of what is currently living in you and your unique history. Everything you get is there to help you on your path. Ayahuasca can be confronting but always from love and at a level that is right for you. Painful images are not shown to undermine you, but they can come by because there is still weight on them and space for healing.

“I feel a deep sense of reverence for mother Ayahuasca”

For many ayahuasca is a visual experience, it is also possible that the heightened consciousness is experienced through a deep inner knowing, a conversation with a higher guide, or downloads full of new information. combination of all these factors. The more you open up and can be receptive, the more space Ayahuasca’s spirit has to work for, through and with you.
It has made me feel, see and behold countless times how loving, creative and effective she is. I would like to share this experience with you.