Read this information carefully, it contains important information. A number of medical and psychiatric conditions can be a contra-indication for participation or participation is only possible under certain conditions. If there are medical or psychological complaints, this must be reported before participation in a ceremony, in order to assess whether participation is justified. Ayahuasca is not associated with a number of medicines due to the use of an MAO inhibitor.
What should I know about MAO inhibitors? DMT is the active substance in ayahuasca. When DMT is taken orally, it will be immediately broken down in the stomach by the enzyme Monoamine oxidase (MAO). For this reason we drink a MAO inhibitor before we take the DMT-containing tea. An MAO inhibitor ensures that the enzyme Monoamine oxidase is temporarily stopped in the stomach and the ayahuasca can be absorbed. The combination of a plant containing DMT and the MAO inhibitor is commonly called Ayahuasca. During the ceremony we work with the plant combination Peganum Harmala (MAO inhibitor) and Jurema (DMT).
MAO inhibitors must be used with great caution because they can in principle change the effect of foods that are normally harmless. As a result, headache, nausea and an increase in blood pressure may occur. In shamanic traditions people fast in the days prior to an Ayahuasca ceremony or follow a certain diet. The cleaner your system, the purer Ayahuasca can work for you. The extent to which you take a rest, for example, also contributes to how clean your system is. Fasting is not necessary, but it is important that at you the instructions below.

Below is a list of substances that should NOT be taken 72 hours before and 12 hours after taking a strong MAO inhibitor. This time period is a minimum safety, but must always be assessed individually based on the reason of product use and the take in doses, and it is often advised to maintain a longer period.


Antidepressants (selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) example: Kanna herb
Sceletium Tortuosum and medication such as Paroxetine (Seroxat), Fluoxetine (Prozac), Citalopram (Cipramil), Fluvoxamine (Fevarin) and Sertraline (Zoloft)
Sleeping aids
Anti-migraine medication
Anti-allergy medication
Cough inhibiting medication
Cocaine (MINIMAL 2 WEEKS!) and similar drugs

The foods below do not go well with Ayahuasca and can therefore best be avoided from 72 hours before to 12 hours after the ceremony. They can cause headaches and nausea, among other things. In addition, they stand in the way of making Ayahuasca work completely pure.


Sour dairy products
Old and blue cheese
Dry and fermented sausage
Salty and leavened fish
Vegetables: sauerkraut, broad beans and pods
Fruit: avocados, figs, red plums, pineapple, raspberries
Nuts: peanuts
Caffeine (coffee & energydrinks)
Yeast extracts / brewed yeast
Non-fermented soy sauce
St John’s wort
Nasal sprays (preparations based on dextromethorphan)
MDA related herbs (nutmeg, calamus)
Other substances with MAO-inhibiting effect

The cleansing and effectiveness of Ayahuasca can be greatly increased if you stick to these preparations: 3 days before and after the ceremony:


Cigarettes / cigars or other drugs
Caffeine (coffee)
Meat & fish
To preserve the body’s energy, sexual abstinence is recommended in the form of peak orgasm.


Make sure you ate the last 4 hours before the ceremony. Eat as light as possible. Drink extra water, you did not drink much during the ceremony and the moisture content in your body needs to be supplemented. Moreover, Ayahuasca can clean up contaminants in your body. You help your body remove this by drinking extra before and after.


Comfortable white clothing
Extra underwear
If desired, objects that are dear to you
Groupceremony only: a matress, duvet and pillow cover, preferably with white / light color

During the ceremony Ayahuasca can clean up physical but more often emotional contaminants. These cleansing pave the way to the spiritual dimensions. This can be accompanied by, for example, vomiting, mild diarrhea or perspiration. Not everyone experiences this by the way. For any surrender (to that which can be cleaned up) there is a bucket ready for everyone.


A light meal is ready for you and there is an opportunity to discuss your experience. During your inner journey, your sense of hunger will be completely gone and so will your sense of time.
It will help you to follow the advice below to give yourself the space to integrate this exceptional experience.
Do not schedule busy appointments after the session. You are certainly more open the day after the ceremony and things can come to you more than usual. It’s helpfull if you take it easy two or three days after the ceremony.
Give yourself the opportunity to experience what Ayahuasca has done with and for you. There are individual differences in this, but most experiences, insights and lessons usually have a place in your system after a period of about a week. It is absolutely added value to consciously experience and